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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. Known to promote healing, Reiki activates, directs, and applies natural, universal life energy and is applicable for all purposes, conditions and situations. During Reiki, the practitioner lays his or her hands on different parts of the body to balance a client's life force energy. High life force energy flow promotes well-being and good health while low life force energy flow often leads to sickness and disease.

Reiki is a modality of bodywork suitable for anyone. It is especially therapeutic when massage is contraindicated due to significant illness or for clients who are simply uncomfortable with the prospect of massage, but desire healing touch.

For further information about Reiki, visit The International Center for Reiki Training at

 Traditional Usui Reiki level 1-

$125 per class

A Reiki 1 practitioner can heal themselves and others on the physical (hands-on) level. They are able to balance chakras, remove negative energy, reduce stress, and do general treatments. This class includes Reiki 1 manual, Reiki charged candle keepsake from attunement, and 1st degree certificate.

Reiki Level 2

$150 per class

A Reiki 2 practitioner’s energy is amplified about four times over Reiki 1. They learn how to use three of the sacred symbols, to heal on an emotional/mental level, and to also send Reiki long distance. This class includes Reiki 2 manual, Reiki charged gift for keepsake from attunement, and 2nd

Degree certificate.

Reiki Level 3

$180 per class

A Reiki 3 (Master) Practitioner’s energy is further amplified. They learn an additional 3 sacred symbols. Once progressed to this level of Reiki, it becomes an integral part of yourself and your life. It is a commitment to personal mastery (defined by you) in this lifetime. This class includes Reiki 3 manual, Reiki charged gift for keepsake from attunement, and 3rd degree certificate.

Reiki Master Teacher Class-

$200 per class

This is a teacher training class (for Reiki masters only) who want to learn how to

give attunements and teach Reiki. Class. This is a very hands-on class. It includes

Reiki teaching manual, keepsake, and Traditional Usui Reiki Teacher


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