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Client Testimonials


“Keri did a brilliant job on my shoulder tonight. I HIGHLY recommend anyone in need of muscle or chi work to contact her!" -Jay E.


"Keri Lynn is one of the best massage therapists I have encountered! As a massage therapist myself, it is sometimes difficult to relax and enjoy the work being done but I was so relaxed and refreshed when I got off of the table. She is intuitive and listens to her client’s needs. She is caring and kind. Keri Lynn provides a safe, comfortable, and warm environment and is extremely knowledgeable in her field to meet all her client’s needs. I highly recommend her and feel very confident referring clients to her also!" - Stacie P


"Thanks for helping me relax, and get some much needed sleep! You rock!!"

- Kitty Lynn V.


"Best massage ever!!! I feel terrific. I highly recommend Keri Lynn to all my friends. Can I come back tomorrow? And thank you so much"

-Laurieann L.


"Keri has the Midas touch when it comes to massage! From the chair massage to the full table, she has made me feel awesome" -Jennifer S.


"While visiting CT over the holiday, I was so blessed to have had the chance to get a massage from Keri and WOW she knows what she is doing! I would recommend if you're in need of some healing and relaxation give her a call! Thanks again, Keri" -Kelly P.


"Keri Lynn, having both empathy and intuition, has the capacity to facilitate healing on many levels. Within a recent massage, Keri Lynn discovered and alleviated areas of discomfort which I was unaware of. She is a terrific massage therapist whom I would recommend to anyone. GREAT JOB!! Thank you !"

-Ronald C.


"I had the most thorough and attentive hands work on a sciatica issue along with a slip on the ice issue. Keri Lynn has the healing touch. She is a Godsend"

-R. Lewis


"Keri Lynn is not only a fantastic massage therapist but also an incredible human being. She is a healer. She brings compassion into her work that in my experience has been unmatched. If you are seeking a healing session, energy work or just a relaxation massage session I highly recommend setting an appointment with Keri Lynn!” -Kristi M.


“As a first timer, couldn't have been more comfortable and relaxed. Will absolutely be a repeat visitor.” -Melissa K.


“I just had the best massage ever by this amazing healer. Her hands have a special understanding of what is needed. She takes care to place, not put - to send full acceptance through those hands and to gently support you down to the last healing detail. Don't wait to give your body, mind, and spirit this restorative treatment.” -Roberta L.


“Massage Bliss. Keri Lynn has magic hands! -Farrah K.


“Keri Lynn is an intuitive, empathic and compassionate massage therapist I highly recommend that everyone include a regularly scheduled massage as part of a healthy lifestyle and you can't find a better massage professional than Keri Lynn”

-Kimberly B.


“Thank you Keri Lynn thank you for the awesome massage today. Your office is so inviting and very calming. Your hands are magical. I felt so relaxed during the massage, and after, I felt like I could take on the world. Feeling good can’t even describe the uplifting energy and very happy day I had after!!! You are a very healing Massage Therapist. Finding Serenity Therapeutic Touch is the perfect name for your have a therapeutic touch!” -Gayle C.


“Thank you for being so super professional with me this morning! Thank you for discovering how dehydrated I was. You saved me yet again. So please, check out Finding Serenity- she is amazing!" -Laurie H. 

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